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This seminar will do the following:

Introduce students to the software program
Build on the skill set acquired in the AutoCAD seminar (not a prerequisite)
Walk students through the steps of creating the below types of graphics
Build on skills as the exercises progress from easy to most difficult

Please download this zip file (11.3 MB) containing files required for the exercises.


Here are more images to work with when practicing a page layout.

Here is what my layout looks like when I am done: Layout
I began with this aerial: Aerial, using this Chicago map as a reference for streets, Map.
I used photos taken from the neighborhood: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


Table of Contents

This seminar has been prepared for Adobe Illustrator 10.

Power Point presentation of 20 Illustrator examples used in urban planning documents and presentations.

Basic Introduction

Getting Around
Set Up Your Page
Define the Work Area
Vector and Bitmap Graphics
Design for Resolution
Link and Embed Files

Exercise 1

Touch Up GIS / AutoCAD

Select, Scale, Ungroup
Tools, Alter, Color, Line Weight
Adding and Changing Color Quickly
Import Icon on New Layer

Exercise 2

Graphs and Charts

Basic Graph Drawing
Create a Column Graph

Exercise 3

Base maps

Basic Drawing
Grouping and Joining
Using Transparency
Creating a Gradient Fill


Exercise 4

Drawing from Photographs

Working in Layers
Adding Elements
Using a Clipping Mask
Saving and Exporting

Exercise 5

Presentation Boards

Format for Presentations: Print
Graphic Design and Page Layout
Visual Organization of Information

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