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This manual was produced by Crystal Wilson with assistance from Alex Hill in response to a request from University of Illinois, College of Urban Planning.

Crystal Wilson is a CUPPA alum (2002), who structured her master's in urban planning around the College of Art and Design's electronic visualization curriculum. Since graduating, she worked for Teska Associates, Inc, and now owns Urban Visualization, a internet and custom technology visualization company.

Alex Hill is a PhD candidate in the College of Computer Science who has taught AD 408 advanced, programming for the CAVE, for three consecutive years. He has continued to develop the YG scripting language.

This portion of the UDVL website about VR for Urban Planners and How to CAVE is no longer maintained as of 04/2010, but stands as a reference and initial guide to VR.





Computer Graphics & Urban Planning
  What is Virtual Reality?
  What is a CAVE and why use it?
  VR & the Web
  Current & Future state of VR
  Ongoing projects
Overview of Classes & Program
  Newspace versus EVL computers
Project Fundamentals
  Collect Data
  Construct Models
  Apply Textures
  Program Interactivity
  Output to Display Device