CAVE programming and scripting is done in an unix or linux environment. The AD 408 entry level course will introduce you to UNIX commands. You can also work in a Linux environment which uses commands very similar to Unix. Linux is available for free to install on your home computer enabling you to script away from the lab.


What is Linux?

Linux is an operating system that can be downloaded for free and belongs to an entire community of developers, not one corporate identity. All the information about Linux is open source and available to anyone. It is currently used as an alternative to Windows by such companies as Sony Electronics, Mercedes-Benz, Oracle & Sun.
See http://www.linux.org for documentation.

Download LINUX | Download Red Hat Linux

Read the Instructions Carefully. At this site you will learn about hardware requirements and drive partitioning to run Linux and keep your Windows operating system. I suggest purchasing Partition Magic to partition your drive because it has one of the easiest graphical user interfaces to use.
DOWNLOAD REDHAT: http://www.redhat.com/download/howto_download.html
PURCHASE & DOWNLOAD PARTITION MAGIC: http://www.partitionmagic.com