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Newspace versus EVL computers

The software and hardware you will require is located in the Newspace lab in the Art and Design building. You need special access to the EVL lab, but will probably not work in the lab since the CAVE in the lab has been disassembled. In the Newspace lab, you have access to the C-Wall, Passive Stereo Wall, and the ImmersaDesk. In this lab, Maya and Cosmo Worlds have been installed and you can also script and view YG scenes.

The CAVE is located on the first floor of the engineering building and requires keys. You may receive permission from the authorites in EVL to the Cave.


Computer Graphics & Urban Planning
  What is Virtual Reality?
  What is a CAVE and why use it?
  VR & the Web
  Current & Future state of VR
  Ongoing projects
Overview of Classes & Program
  Newspace versus EVL computers
Project Fundamentals
  Collect Data
  Construct Models
  Apply Textures
  Program Interactivity
  Output to Display Device