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Output Display

Outputting your scene graph for display is the final step that will enable you to view your vr world.

Output to the CAVE and Other VR Devices

When you run your YG scene locally, you will view the scene in the CAVE simulator window. A run file will be obtained in the AD 408 Advanced class. Below is a sample run file for the CAVE at UIC.

#!/bin/csh -f

setenv YG_DIR /usr/local/yg

setenv YG_PATH data:${YG_DIR}/data:${YG_DIR}/examples
setenv PFPATH data:${YG_DIR}/data:/netusr/disk11/evl/myname/directoryname/data
setenv YG_DSO_PATH modules:${YG_DIR}/modules

setenv YG_DEBUG "world.sentmessages *.volume"
#setenv YG_SOUND_DIR ${YG_DIR}/directory
setenv YG_SOUND_DIR /netusr/disk11/evl/myname/directory/sounds
#setenv YG_PRELOAD_CLASSES "mirror clipper"

#setenv YG_NET_SERVER localhost
setenv YG_NET_PORT 3500

setenv PFSHAREDSIZE 512000000

setenv YG_CPP_COMMAND "/usr/bin/CC -E -I${YG_DIR}/data -I${YG_DIR}/examples"

${YG_DIR}/bin/snerd &
${YG_DIR}/bin/yg $1 $2
killall snerd
rm -f /usr/tmp/pfutil*


Output to the Web

When you output your VRML file from Cosmo Worlds, you Package your files. A packaging wizard (located under File/Publish) will walk through the step of publication. Open a browser window and locate the file on the hard drive of the computer and test it before uploading the file to the web. Navigation buttons within the VRML plug-in enable the user to seek, walk, fly, straighten the scene, rotate the scene, and go to selected view points. Exporting a VRML model for web viewing is a straight forward process but it is not open ended. Once the file has been published, the original file must be used to make corrections and republished.
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