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Project Fundamentals: YGdrasil

YGDRASIL is a scripting language developed at UIC by Dave Pape several years ago for programming virtual environments. It is used in addition,or as an alternative, to programming in OpenGL. Alex Hill has continued to make progress on the development and refinement of the scripting language. He has set up a documentation site located at http://www.evl.uic.edu/yg/.

Construct a scene graph that loads models and script interactivity. Your scene graph might resemble the following:

//set up wand trigger to toggle icons on and off
node(User0.teleport(1523 610 0)+1)
#include "hazelInterface.scene"
//set up wand trigger to toggle icons on and off
//create a value node to increment the object orientation
value opp17objectRotate(integer,delta(90),
when(changed,opp17movedObjectB.orientation(0 0 $value)))

transform(position(1523 626 3))
//create a primary model
switch opp17objectSwitchA(on)
object (file(32and31.pfb))
switch opp17iconSwitchA(off)
transform (position(20 -30 2))
group opp17icon1GroupA()
switch opp17icon1OffSwitchA(on)
object (file(initmodelsselected.pfb))
switch opp17icon1OnSwitchA(off)
object (file(initmodels.pfb))
transform (position(45 30 35),size(10 10 1))

Don't worry, you will learn how to make sense of this in the AD 408 Advanced class.




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