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Quick Adobe Photoshop® Tutorials : Alter the quality of the Photograph |Colorize or change the color

To get started, Start Photoshop, download this image to your hard drive (or right click on the image below and save it) then open it in Photoshop® by choosing File/Open

Color an Image

A desaturated image can easily be altered by changing the Hue/Saturation.

Hue is another name for color. When an image’s hue is adjusted, the base color of that image changes in correlation with the color wheel.

The image’s saturation refers to the intensity of its colors.

1. In the floating tools palette, click on the color square and select a color you would like to convert the above image.










Color Square



2.Choose Image/Adjustments/Hue/Saturation

3. Check the colorize box and notice that your image has the tone of the color you selected. It also appears in the bottom bar of the Hue/Saturation palette.

4.Adjust the Hue, Saturation and Lightness levels using either the slider bars or by changing the numerical values.

Image after adjusting Hue/Saturation.

Photo Filter

You can also change the color using the Photo Filter.

1. Choose File/Revert to undo the previous alterations.

2. Choose Image/Adjustments/Photo Filter.

3. You can choose different options from the Filter drop down menu and adjust the density or select color and click on color box to change the color.

4. Select Preview to view your changes.


Quick Adobe Photoshop® Tutorials