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Quick Adobe Photoshop® Tutorials : Change the Photograph |Erase and Add Text

To get started, Start Photoshop, download the image to your hard drive ( right click on the images below and save them) then open them in Photoshop® by choosing File/Open


In this exercise you are going to erase the text in this sign and create your own text.

1. Using the zoom tool, zoom into the sign of this building until it is as big as it can be on the screen.

2. Duplicate the base layer and turn the original layer off.

3. Use the rectangle tool (see below) and draw a rectangle around the white portion of the sign.

You may also erase using the erase tool in the Tools palette.

4. With the white portion selected, choose Edit/Clear. You should now see the checkerboard canvas through the sign.

5. In the tools palette click on the front color square to open the Color Picker dialogue box. Choose a color for the sign background and press OK.

6. Select the paint bucket from the tools palette.

At this point, you could do either of the following:

a. dump the color into the portion of the photograph you just deleted


b. create a new layer, move it directly underneath the building layer, then dump the color. If you are going to change the color of the sign again, it is best to use this option.

7. Select text from the tools palette. Choose a color for the text by selecting the front square. Press OK. Click into the sign area and type in text for your new sign.

8. Select the move tool to move the text. Before you move the text, you might want to unselect the AutoSelectLayers from the options dialogue box.

Choose Window/Character to view your Character palette.

To Change the font and size:

Highlight your text with the text button from the tools menu and select the font and font size from the Character palette.

Zoom out to get an idea of appropriate font size.



Quick Adobe Photoshop® Tutorials