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Quick Adobe Photoshop® Tutorials

Alter the quality of the Photograph
    Change the size of the image
    other images to use: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
    Lighten, darken, or sharpen the image
    Desaturate (make black and white)
    Colorize or change the color
  Other Tutorials on the web
    Healing Brush to copy pixels, lighting, and texture
Working with Layers
    Adding Layers and Elements
    Create a wide angle view using 3 photographs
Change the Photograph
    Erase elements and add text













This seminar will do the following:

Introduce different photographic techniques
Use Adobe Photoshop® to manipulate photographs
Walk through the steps of creating a photomontage in Adobe Photoshop
Build on skills as the exercises progress from easy to most difficult

Please download this zip file (24.6 MB) containing files required for the exercises.

Table of Contents

Types of Photographs

Photographs of Buildings
Sequential Buildings and Blocks
Quicktime VR

Enhance with Adobe Photoshop

Change the Brightness/Contrast
Work with Levels
Using Filters
Clone and Magic Wand Tool


Basic Tracking
Programs to Help to Organize Images
Displaying and Hyperlinking Photographs using Photoshop

Manipulate to Create Photomontage

Working in Layers
Changing Elements
Merging and Linking Layers
Adding Elements

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