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Quick Adobe Photoshop® Tutorials : Working with Layers |Adding Layers and Elements

To get started, Start Photoshop, download the images stitch1.jpg, tree1.png and woman_2.png to your hard drive (right click on the images below and save them) then open it in Photoshop® by choosing File/Open


1. Select stich_1.jpg. Choose Windows/Layers to ensure your Layers palette is visible.

2. There is an arrow in the layers palette that will enable us to create new layers and duplicate layers. This enables us to "build" a montage of images. Select the arrow to view layer options.

Choose Duplicate layer, press ok. This produces a duplicate of the background image. This is helpful when you want to preserve the original.


3. Click on the Eye in the layer palette for Background layer. This turns the background layer off making it invisible. Click in the square again to turn the layer back on.

Add Elements

4. Open woman_2.png. Using the move tool in the tools palette, drag the woman into the stictch_1 photo. (See below)

5. Now, we have multiple layers in one image. She needs to be scaled. Choose Edit/Transform/Scale with the layer the woman resides in selected.

6. A bounding box appears around her. Holding shift, left click and drag from one of the corners. Press Enter to stop scaling.

This scales the woman proportionately.

It might be difficult to know how big she should be. There is a man in the photograph in the distance. Using him as a judge of scale, use the move tool in the tools palette and move her close to the man. Scale again. (See below)

7. We have just successfully added a layer inside a photograph. Let's do it again. Open tree1.png.

Select treet1.png and drag it into the photograph above using the move tool. Place it and scale it by selecting Edit/Transform/Scale while Holding shift as you scale to scale proportionately. Press Enter.

8. To make duplicates of these trees, select the layer the tree is on, probably called Layer 2, choose the arrow in the layers palette, select duplicate layer. Press OK. The tree is duplicated in the exact location. Use the move tool to reposition the copy of the tree. Do this multiple times to get familiar with duplicating layers and moving objects.


Quick Adobe Photoshop® Tutorials