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Manipulate to Create Photomontage

Merging and Linking Layers

This entire exercise will teach you how to create the photomontage below using street front images and image editing techniques in Adobe Photoshop.



Working in Layers

This photoshop file with all of its layers is located in the Managing Photographs folder, the file is called animalhospital.psd.

1. Begin by correcting the bottom half of the building using the skew tool (Edit/Transform/Skew). I copied the bottom half of the building and pasted it into a new layer.

2. Then, using the stamp tool and copied and pasting a portion of the door, I built up another layer for the door to hide the car.

3. I erased the car (Layers 7 and 8 in the animalhospital.psd file) on the left by using the stamp and copy and paste techniques.

4. I continued to even out the image in Layers 11, 15, 16 by copying a portion of the image and pasting it several times and linking the like images together.

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