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Visual Communication Methods

Visualizing Information: Tips for Organizing & Presenting Information


DPZ Lexicon: Study the Hierarchy, Color, Shape, and dimension of time.


What Is Right About these Maps

1. The use of color and texture is refreshing and easy to read. Black "highlights" the important information. Clear distinction between foreground and background. (color & shape)

2. The hierarchy of information on the second page is easy to understand. The graphics and text are nicely linked. (hierarchy& shape)

3. The Rural to Urban Transect is visually interesting. We see both plan and elevation view seamlessly. (color & structure)

What Is Wrong With these Maps

1. These documents are in PDF format but as images that can not be blown up to read them.

2. The link between text and image in the top graphic is potentially difficult to understand.

3. The audience and purpose of this document is difficult to understand.



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