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UDVL Featured Projects

Participatory Modeling and Planning for Water Sustainability

UDVL created a modeling process where participants can explore various strategies for flooding.

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Water Planning in the Greater Chicago Region

This tool makes it possible for planners of all types to access water-related plans in the greater Chicago region based on location, geography type, or subject area.

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Participatory Budgeting

UDVL works with UIC’s Great Cities Institute to assist several of the participating wards with maps and data to evaluate potential budgets.

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Chicago Ward Redrawing Game

UDVL created the Chicago Ward Map Redrawing Game to engage young people in understanding the relationship of the decennial census and redistricting process to political representation and the guidelines of the Voting Rights Act.

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College of Pharmacy Strategic Planning

College of Pharmacy hired UDVL to create a series of large maps for their strategic planning process

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Cook County Census Project

Cook County hired UDVL to create a cross-walk between census data from 2000 and 2010 because the geometry of census tracts, block groups, and blocks changed dramatically between the censuses.

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