About Us and Our Mission

The Urban Data Visualization Lab has been dedicated to visualizaing data by employing various technologies such as the internet, video, DVD, GIS, computer simulations, and virtual reality. We are contunuously ammending our mission as planning needs change.

The goal of the Urban Data Visualization Lab is to establish a high tech URBAN AND REGIONAL DATA RETRIEVAL and COMPUTER VISUALIZATION capacity that will serve UIC faculty, students, and external public and community agencies.
The key characteristics of this program are:

-The focus on spatial, geographically disaggregated data.

-The role as a linkage or access point to data available anywhere.

-The function of translator and visualizer of otherwise hard to use or understand data.

The program will 1) assemble, maintain, and arrange for access to a large number of databases relating to community and economic development and housing; 2) provide a range of pro-active and demand-responsive information services, focusing on disaggregated community and regional data; and 3) support and conduct research and teaching advancing the state of the art in the field of urban and regional data visualization and data access. The project will benefit public and not-for-profit agencies in the Chicago region and the state by enhancing their ability to access and use data related to economic and community development. Students and researchers throughout UIC and elsewhere will benefit by bringing together the latest in data access, manipulation, and visualization techniques.

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Program Approval


Contact us at:
Urban Data Visualization Lab
412 S Peoria Street, Room B-15 M/C 350
Chicago, IL 60607
Email: udvl@uic.edu
Phone: 312-996-3860

Latitude (WGS 84): 41° 52' 33.85" N
Longitude (WGS 84): 87° 38' 59.05" W

image of urban graphics, such as model of neighborhood, drawing, etc.