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Many societal problems are complex and difficult to solve. Visualization is the art and science of harnessing the power of images to better understand and solve complex issues. The Urban Data Visualization Lab (UDVL), housed in the Department of Urban Planning and Policy, is the university's in-house team of spatial analysts, modelers, designers and visualization experts who help decision makers and researchers across disciplines solve problems through better understanding of critical challenges. We employ various technologies, including mapping and geospatial data analysis, complex systems modeling, data management and selection, and visual approaches to effective and meaningful communication. The lab supports students, faculty and community partners as they advance UIC's mission of engaged urban research and service.

The UDVL faculty and staff also teach courses in the Geospatial Analysis and Visualization (GSAV) Certificate program and the GIS minor. Students in these programs learn visualization theory, and the effective use of various visualization techniques that provide students with valuable job skills.

For more information on how UDVL can support your teaching, research, and service, contact us at udvl@uic.edu




Contact us at:
Urban Data Visualization Lab
412 S Peoria Street, Room B-15 M/C 350
Chicago, IL 60607
Email: udvl@uic.edu
Phone: 312-996-3860

Latitude (WGS 84): 41° 52' 33.85" N
Longitude (WGS 84): 87° 38' 59.05" W

image of urban graphics, such as model of neighborhood, drawing, etc.