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Improving stations and their immediate physical environment is as necessary for a transit agency as maintaining frequent and up-to-date schedules. As transit agencies everywhere try to maintain their existing infrastructure while looking for funding to improve services, this thesis looks into some avenues to spend it, namely, improvement of median station environments. Median stations are stations located in expressway medians with a stable island platform with tracks at-grade with the expressway and access from bridges, overpasses and underpasses. Different complementary and mutually exclusive improvements are important for the proper functioning of median stations, for example - bike parking, kiss and ride etc. Together with an open design for security and protection from weather, these amenities enhance the riders’ impression of the public transit.

This study explores many ideas that demonstrate how to enhance station environments. The study includes graphics to demonstrate how these features can be included in proposed guidelines for new median stations. Features such as enhanced inter-modal connections, proper accessibility and mobility in and around the stations, good pedestrian and disability access and comfortable waiting spaces are included. Since the project was conceived with the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) median stations in mind, the project makes references to and draws examples from the many median stations on the existing CTA system.

Arnab Chakraborty is currently pursuing a PhD in Urban Planning at the University of Maryland at College Park. He can be contacted at: