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Pilsen: Urban Design Visualization Project

Project started:information not available;
Project completed: prior to January 2002

The "Pilsen Project: Urban Design Visualization of Pilsen" was developed through a community planning process that was jointly led by the University of Illinois at Chicago and community leaders in the Pilsen neighborhood. The UIC team was led by Associate Professor Kheir Al-Kodmany, with GCUDV playing a significant role in designing and implementing the IT tools. The purpose of the project was to provide visualization and contextualization for the many planning and design activities that take place in Pilsen. Pilsen, on Chicago's Lower West Side, wished to use the tools to monitor and plan for changes in the community. GIS was enhanced with photographic materials, 3-D models and associated computer techniques to enhance the planning process by aiding people's ability to visualize the existing environment and evaluate design options.

Kevin Lynch's model of the urban environment was the basis for developing the visualization tools. Lynch divides urban space into paths, nodes, landmarks, edges, and districts. This categorization of the urban environment proved useful for visualizing Pilsen. For example, a web based GIS map of the Pilsen community was developed for landmarks.

The tools developed were used at community meetings and workshop settings. People also had access through the Web.

For further details on this project, please contact Kheir Al-Kodmany Ph.D., Associate Professor.