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Areas of Expertise

UDVL focuses on the following areas of expertise.

data over a crowd


Transforming numbers into meaningful patterns.

UDVL helps researchers avoid the ambient “noise” of extraneous information by focusing on data that really matter.

This sharp focus enables the transformation of numbers and descriptive data into models, maps, graphs, and other meaningful patterns that help explain societies and their problems.

mapping city view


Mastering spatial skills.

The UDVL education curriculum brings spatial thinking to multiple disciplines, thereby enhancing ongoing coursework and facilitating professional development goals.

For example, the Geospatial Analysis and Visualization certificate program emphasizes valuable job skills, such as spatial analysis, design, and map presentation, as productive means of communication.

group in meeting talking


Telling stories with data.

Visual images tell stories most effectively when they work at more than one level.

UDVL helps partners transform data into communications that work both independently and within a broader spectrum. Through visual representations of places, issues and trends, UDVL helps partners tell the stories of their communities.

city view


Influencing decisions that impact communities.

Strategic communication facilitates actions that make a difference. UDVL creates affordable products that advocate healthier, safer and more sustainable communities.

Decision makers in the political, non-profit, government and higher education sectors find these products to be highly effective in generating results that have a positive impact.