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Pedestrian Paths Network around UIC

Project title:

Pedestrian Paths Network around UIC

Principal Investigator:

Yochai Eisenberg

Graduate students:

GIS Studio Class 2017

External partners:

Chicago Department of Transportation

Project summary:

The GIS studio class developed an automated approach to creating GIS sidewalk files and creating a model that could be used for modeling pedestrian routes along sidewalks and paths.  This pilot can be accessed and edited here, and can allow users to add/edit/update point and line files through their desktop or mobile applications.

This type of data and model could be used to (1) more accurately model pedestrian pathways; (2) collecty data  for each sidewalk; (3) easily map data, and  (4) model potential routes and distances.

Pedestrian Paths Network around UIC interface

Interactive map can be accessed here: