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Water Planning

Project title:

Water planning in the Greater Chicago region


UIC Faculty Scholar Award

Principal Investigator:

Charlie Hoch (Urban Planning and Policy)

Graduate student:

Justin Keller

UDVL staff:

Sarah Geinosky, Donggyu Lee

Project summary:

UDVL developed a web tool to accompany the work led by Prof. Charlie Hoch and Justin Keller, who collected  and analyzed water plans for northeastern Illinois, ranging in geographical jurisdictions and water-related problems addressed, such as flooding, water supply, and pollution. The underlying database identifies problem type, jurisdiction, goals and objectives, and proposed actions for each plan and how they contribute to sustainability.

Use this link to explore what water planning efforts cover different areas in our region: water planning tool.  For instructions on how to use this tool, click here

Source: Hoch, C. J.; Keller, J. (2017). "Water planning in the Greater Chicago region." University of Illinois at Chicago.